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Do you want to learn how to sing pop/rock/country/RnB? Do you want to have a voice that can compete in today’s music industry? Or do you simply want to avoid embarrassing yourself at Karaoke night? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist singing pop, rock, country, RnB, blues, jazz, or any other contemporary style, Amber Light Voice Studios, located in the heart of Hollywood, can help you quickly reach your maximum potential as a vocalist. 

I hear a dramatic improvement in my voice during every single lesson - yes, every lesson over the last two years we've had together! Whether you are an amateur or have even earned a degree in music (like me), come see Andrea today! - Jessie R.

    At Amber Light, we specialize in giving students the “major-label quality sound” while emphasizing healthy singing habits to insure increased endurance and career longevity. Your instructors are trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and have a unique vocal training method derived from a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques. Instead of spending years focusing on basics, we deliver results to our students QUICKLY and teach techniques like dynamics/control, belting, and improvisation/riffing.

"I've gained so much range, control and style through our lessons. I've been through a number of vocal coaches and Ben is definitely one of the best coaches I've worked with."- Roy Z. 

                Call us now at 323-391-6093 to schedule a free "get to know you" voice lesson, and let us help you reach a professional level that will give you the edge in today’s competitive market.

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Amber Light has a very unique approach to singing lessons specializing in contemporary (pop/rock/r&b/country/etc) styles. With a solid technical foundation, learn how to belt without straining, control your dynamics, improve your range, master complicated riffs and ultimately, make songs your own.




Get rid of any anxiety and learn how to move naturally and feel your space on stage. Gain the experience and confidence to give a powerful performance every time. 



Improve your understanding of the songwriting language so you're never short of inspiration. We can give you the tools you need to find your own unique voice. 



Turn your voice into your instrument. Improve your overall musicianship by understanding the melodic and rhythmic components that make up your musical setting. This leads to a limitless toolbox of ideas you can apply to songwriting, riffing, improvisation, and your melodic interpretation of a song. 




Amber Light offers full-service music production for the solo vocal artist and singer/songwriter. 



Many singers benefit from having a coach accompany them in the studio. This insures vocal takes are as strong and polished as possible. 



This is not your typical "classical" piano lesson. Instead of throwing sheet music at you, we offer a unique approach to learning piano that centers around ear training and theory. We'll customize the lessons to meet your goals, allowing you to actualize whatever you hear in a piece of music or even just in your head. We also offer specialized piano courses for the self-accompanied singer, giving you the freedom and autonomy to perform without a band or backing track.





Andrea Wiseman is a co-owner and in-demand vocal coach at Amber Light Voice Studios. A graduate from world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Andrea has studied many techniques and methods including numerous contemporary styles, jazz, speech level singing, classical, opera, and musical theater. She's taken the knowledge derived from these styles to develop a unique contemporary vocal technique that she has taught for over 5 years. In addition to her thorough musical training, Andrea has been performing for over 16 years in various bands, including her current electronic project, Tetra. She has extensive experience with songwriting, artist development/branding, and co-producing. With years of knowledge and experience under her belt, Andrea is a dedicated teacher with the ability to give her student's the individual instruction they need to meet and exceed their musical goals.


Benjamin Cohen is an accomplished and highly sought after voice teacher, music producer, songwriter, composer/arranger, keyboardist and co-owner at Amber Light Voice Studios. An honors graduate from Berklee College of Music, earning a 4-year merit-based scholarship as a vocal principal, Benjamin earned his degree in Contemporary Writing and Production. Immediately after graduating, he moved to Los Angeles with his rock band, Convey, for which he is the lead singer/songwriter. Ben lends his years of experience as a producer, lead singer, and studio musician to his work as a vocal coach, teaching goal-oriented strategies for both live and studio applications.

Caitlin Cuneo is a professional singer/songwriter/recording artist from the Pittsburgh area that has relocated to Los Angeles. Caitlin has studied classical voice in her youth and began to explore and embrace other genres and vocal styles while in high school. She has a strong background in musical theater hailing from both the Center for the Performing Arts and the Civic Light Opera Academy in Pennsylvania. Caitlin attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied vocal performance and music business. She has toured as the lead singer in funk, blues, and pop/hiphop bands throughout the country. Caitlin owned and operated her own studio in Pennsylvania and coached both vocals and drama for local musical theater groups, schools, and privately owned theater organizations. She now performs as soulful trip hop artist Violet Grae. Caitlin loves being a part of the Amber Light Voice Studios family. 


Kyle DallaTorre is a highly trained singer/songwriter, vocal and performance coach with nearly fifteen years of teaching performance and  musical theater. Her vocal education has spanned from classical/musical theater training to the contemporary method specialized by Amber Light Studios. She is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton’s BFA Musical Theater program, earning a scholarship for performance and academic honors. After touring the US, she returned to LA to focus her passions on music development and songwriting. She has been fortunate enough to be a part of a variety of projects including progressive rock, alternative folk, blues/rock and alternative pop. Kyle is currently finishing her solo EP and is honored and elated to be part of the Amber Light family.

Polina Zizak is an international accomplished vocal artist, songwriter and voice teacher, whose background, paired with a fearless demeanor, has allowed Polina to push through the musical boundaries of her native Moscow, and experiment with popular genres such as jazz, soul, funk and r’n’b.  Polina holds a strong performance background, having toured throughout Europe and the United States and has participated in numerous prestigious competitions and festivals worldwide. In 2012 Polina won the heart of her nation through her success as a semifinalist in the reality show, “The Voice”. 

In 2017 Polina got her Master’s degree in Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain where she studied Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration). Since moving to LA last year she works and performs alongside some of the best musicians and sound producers, records original music and teaches contemporary vocals.

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Andy Degan is a singer, arranger, director and educator based in Los Angeles.

Originally from the great state of Connecticut and a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a Classical Vocal Performance degree, Andy has spent the early part of his career in the northeast corner of the USA. After spending four summers performing in the professional all-male a cappella group Hyannis Sound, a stint performing on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, and two years in New York City, Andy decided to head to Los Angeles to continue his musical career.

Currently Andy sings with the professional vocal jazz/pop touring a cappella group M-Pact, where he serves as both the tenor and as an arranger for the group. He also works as a session singer and with wedding bands across the greater LA area.

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Alex Kazenoff is a mix engineer, music producer and piano teacher at Amber Light Voice Studios. Starting piano lessons at the age of 6, Alex has had a passion for music his whole life. After expanding his pursuits to songwriting and music theory, he went on to graduate from Berklee College of Music where he focused on piano performance and audio engineering. Alex is the lead songwriter and producer of synth-pop act Mood Robot, as well as a session piano player, arranger, and engineer for several other musical projects. In his experience working with many people over the years, he understands that patience, compassion, and gentle guidance are the foundations for learning.




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